CS27 Casing Model


  1. Go to the location of the battery in your home or business.

    CS27 casing model with lid on

  2. Open the cover and pull the battery out of the casing.

    CS27 casing model with lid removed, revealing the battery

  3. Disconnect either the black or red wire (or both) from the battery to stop the power supply.

    CS27 casing model with wires disconnected and battery removed


  1. Reconnect the red and/or black wires that you previously disconnected, and secure the battery back in its original place.
  2. Press the Cold Start button on the front of the casing to get your fiber connection running again.

    CS27 casing model Cold Start button

    After your commercial power is restored, the battery will begin to recharge.

Buzzer Silencing

If you decide to keep your battery connected during a loss of commercial power, a buzzing sound will emit from the unit. You can silence this sound by pressing the Alarm Silence button on the front of the casing.

CS27 casing model Alarm Silence button