Unwelcome Calls

About Telephone Sales Calls

There are three things you can do about telemarketing:

  1. Write to the following address to get your name off the list of all names called by telemarketers:

    Telephone Preference Service
    PO Box 9014
    Farmingdale, NY 11735-9014

  2. Upon receiving a call from a particular telemarketer, ask them to identify themselves clearly and then tell them you want your number taken off the list.
  3. Remember that it is not impolite to hang up on an unwanted caller. After informing the caller you do not wish to be called back, simply say goodbye.

Harassing Phone Calls

Call Trace Instructions:

  1. Immediately after receiving a harassing phone call, hang up.
  2. Pick up the telephone handset and press *57. A recording will tell you if the call trace was successful. This information is kept on file at our office for up to 20 days.
  3. Note the date and time of the call you traced. We require this information to identify the call.

Call Trace is an "always on" service giving you the choice of "tracing" an annoyance call anytime day or night. The cost for each successful trace is $5.00, maximum charge per month $10.00.

Obtaining Call Trace Information

  1. You must sign a release form provided to you by your local law enforcement personnel, or download it here.
  2. The local law enforcement personnel will bring the release to VTel. They will give us the date and time of the traced call. Information regarding the call will be given to them.
  3. The local law enforcement personnel will notify you with the call trace information.
  4. If the call that was traced was from a non-published telephone number, then a subpoena is required to obtain the information.

You Have the Right To prosecute harassing callers. Vermont State Law makes these types of calls punishable on conviction and liable to fine or imprisonment or both.