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How to Cut the Cable!

Over-the-Top Programming As Internet access speeds have increased, so has the amount of high-quality video content available to residential Internet users via streaming. The content that comes through these alternatives to traditional television are collectively called 'Over-the-Top' video. We at VTel are proud of our VTelevision service, but we realize that the television industry is changing rapidly, and as the highest-speed Internet provider around, we are more than well-equipped to deliver the best viewing experience no matter how you like to watch your video content. We would like to share some ideas and resources you can use with your VTel internet service to access this content without having to pay an excessive monthly cable bill.

The streaming content provided by the links below can be viewed from most PCs or laptops, and most modern TVs have video inputs that can be used in conjunction with your computer's video output. In some cases this media can be streamed to your TV or game consoles without using a computer.

Digital Media Player Set-Top Boxes

Set-Top boxes alllow you to view streaming media on your TV without using a computer. You can stream a wide selection of video to game consoles such as Microsoft XBox One, Sony Playstation 4, or Nintendo Wii. However, the three brands listed below are the most popular brands of digital media player set-top boxes by far.

Google Chromecast

Streaming Media Sources (Free)

Some of these are ad-supported sources of recently-aired television content.

OV Guide
Solar Movie

Streaming Media Sources (Paid)

Most of these streaming media sources are supported by most of the digital media player set-top boxes mentioned above.

Amazon Video

Pay For Download Sources

iTunes Charts - Can be used with Mac, PCs or products such as Apple TV

Free Media Streaming Software



Connect your laptop to a TV
Stream media on your computer to a game console (XBox or Playstation) with TVersity