Triple Play


Bundle your phone, Internet, and television in a VTel Triple Play packageWherever fiber is available, you can bundle your phone, Internet, and television in a VTel Triple Play package and save big! Wi-Fi-enabled modem is rent-free with Triple Play.

Video on Demand is NOW AVAILABLE for all VTelevision customers!

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The Bare Essentials
TV Your Way
More Channels for Less
The Whole Shebang
First Year Promotional Rates* $79.951


Digital TV Set-Top Box Included.


HD Set-Top Box Included.


HD Whole-Home DVR Included.

Television Channels 35+ Channels
Broadcast and Local Channels
100+ Channels
Your Favorite Channels
+ Add à la carte Mini-Packs
170+ Channels
Even More Channels
+ Mini-Packs 1-10
300+ Channels
Includes Every Channel We Offer!
Gigabit Internet & Cloud Storage^ Up to 1,000 megabits upload and download speeds, and 2 Terabytes in VTel’s Data Barn
High-Definition Telephone^^ Fully-featured phone line with unlimited calling to the US and Canada

* Rates valid for new residential customers only, plus applicable taxes and fees. Prices remain valid through at least September 30, 2016, but may be valid longer if confirmed by a VTel representative. Requires a 2-year commitment. Limitations apply; please see our Terms of Service. Cancelling service before the 2-year commitment is up subjects the subscriber to a $20/month fee for every month that would have remained in the term. HD channels require HD capable television sets. Additional Set Top Boxes $6.95/month for all packages and have full HD and DVR functionality provided that the first set-top box is HD or HD DVR. VTel GigE services over fiber are similar to most cable and wireless technologies in that they rely on home batteries during power failures; the first battery is free; backup replacement batteries are solely customer responsibility. ^1gbps is the maximum throughput, and may be limited by certain factors, such as customer firewalls or older customer equipment. ^^All VTel “unlimited” voice, Internet, data, and other services are subject to limits, which may change over time at VTel’s discretion. 1$89.95/month for months 13-24. Digital Box $9.95/month; HD Box upgrade $19.95/month; HD DVR upgrade $24.95/month. 2$109.95 for months 13-24. Price for base package only. Mini-Packs offered separately. Digital Set-Top Box included. HD Box upgrade $9.95/month. HD DVR upgrade $14.95/month. Additional boxes $6.95/month. 3$159.95 for months 13-24. HD Set-Top Box included, or can be upgraded to an HD DVR for $9.95/month. Additional Set-Top Boxes $6.95/month. 4$219.95 for months 13-24. HD DVR Included. Additional Set-Top Boxes $6.95/month.

Subject to Internet Terms of Service. View full terms here.