How many set-top boxes can I have in my house? How many set-top boxes work at one time?

Five set-top boxes will work at a time. The maximum that can be tuned in to HD at once is three, but two more boxes can be set to SD. Likewise, all five set-top boxes set to SD at the same time will work. Keep in mind that if you have a DVR, each show that is being recorded at any given time will count as a channel. This means that if you are recording one HD show, you can only watch two other HD shows and two SD shows at that time. If you are watching a show that is being recorded, it will only count as one channel. Other than that, two televisions tuned to the same channel will count as two different channels for the purpose of counting. If you try to exceed the limit of five, one TV will freeze, you won’t be able to change the channel, or the screen will say either “All HD services are in use. For HD viewing options, press OK” or “All TV services are in use. To proceed: power-off another TV receiver or select a recording to stop.” It will then give you options to stop recordings or stay on the channel.