How do I turn on/off closed captioning?

The easiest way to turn closed captioning on and off is to press “Enter” found in the bottom right corner of the remote. Select “Closed Captions” and simply choose “On” or “Off.”

You can also turn closed captioning on and off by pressing the “Menu” button on the remote. Select “Settings” followed by “Television.” Choose “Closed Captioning” and this will bring up a screen that gives you the option to turn the captions on or off, but it also gives you options for “Digital closed captioning” and “Standard closed captioning”. Not every show on every channel has both digital and standard closed captioning, so the default is to have both set to “Closed Caption 1”. Each, however, can be turned on and off independently. Digital closed captioning also offers options to change the color of the text and the background as well as the size of the text, whereas standard closed captioning is simply white text on a black background.