How do I create a list of my favorite channels? / How can I add a channel to or remove a channel from my favorites list?

You can create a list of your favorite channels so that when you go to the guide or flip through the channels, you see only your favorites. There are several ways to set up this list. First of all, if you are on a channel and you would like to designate it as a favorite, simply press “Enter” and select “Add to favorites”. If you press “Enter” and it is already a favorite channel, you will see “Remove from favorites”. To add more channels at a time, you can press “Enter” and choose “Change favorites” or you can press “Menu”, and under “Live TV” select “Favorites” then click “Edit favorites”. You will see a list of all the channels. You can go through and select which channels you want to appear in your favorites list. Once you are done, make sure you save your changes. You can also access this same list by pressing “Menu”, selecting “Settings” and then “Television”. Choose “Set up favorites” and click your favorites list.

Once you have created a favorites list, you can activate the list by pressing “Enter” and selecting “Favorites lists”. Select “MY FAVORITES” and you will see only the channels in your list. To switch back to seeing all the channels, select “All channels”. You can also switch between these lists by pressing “Menu” and under “Live TV”, selecting “Favorites” then “MY FAVORITES” or “View all channels”. You can also set up your guide to skip channels you don’t want to see.