I live in Windham County. Why can't I receive WFFF (Fox) and WVNY (ABC)?

After difficult negotiations with Nexstar Broadcasting, Inc., which owns the Fox affiliate WFFF, and Mission Broadcasting, Inc., which owns the ABC affiliate WVNY, we were informed that we could not show WFFF and WVNY in Windham County. These networks originate from Burlington and are part of the Burlington Designated Market Area (DMA). Unfortunately Windham County falls into the Boston DMA. These DMA's have been set for decades by the FCC, and because of complicated rebroadcast laws and regulations, we were unable to reach an agreement to show these stations outside their assigned DMA.

To ensure that Windham County residents have ABC and Fox options available to them, we have recently managed to finally bring the ABC and Fox allifiates from Boston to our Windham County customers. Those customers can watch WFXT Fox Boston (which is available to our Windham County VTelevision customers only) and WCVB ABC Boston (available to all VTelevision customers).

We have been able to reach agreements with the other broadcast networks to show their channels in both the Burlington and Boston DMA's, so there is no danger at this time of losing other channels because of this issue.