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VTel 10G+ Network Upgrade & Status Page

We are thrilled to share some exciting news about VTel’s fiber optic network and our upcoming upgrade to 10 Gig+. As you may already know, we’ve always been innovators in connected communications: starting first in the 1800s with copper phone lines, to dial-up in 1994 to DSL in the 2000s to Vermont’s fastest fiber optic 1 Gig network in 2010. As advocates for rural Vermonters, we know having access to the latest in cutting-edge technology is crucial for our community’s future and the success of fellow Vermonters. Therefore, we’re continuing our mission as we begin our multi-phase rollout starting this month and continuing the months to follow as we convert today’s 1 Gig technology to the future of 10 Gig+ fiber technology. 

Why is the upgrade to 10 Gig important to me?

• It’s faster: We’ll be transmitting up to 50% more data — that means even better video quality for work and entertainment, gaming, and virtual reality. 

• Better capacity: We’ll be better able to handle next generation businesses and start-ups that are attracted to our communities for our 10 Gig technology and allow for future residential applications like data centers and cloud computing which require significant resources to operate. 

• Improved Security: As criminals become smarter and think of new ways to steal data online, our 10 Gig+ network will be able to utilize advanced network management systems that can better identify and isolate security threats and handle 3rd party applications that keep your home network secure. 

• Ridiculously Low Latency: You don’t have to be a gamer to appreciate low lag – future web pages will load even faster, video quality will be more seamless and lifelike and allow 3D applications like telemedicine and educational resources to run flawlessly as they are developed by publishers. 

What does this mean for my current VTel network?

• Nothing changes today or in the near future, you may continue to enjoy the fastest fiber in Vermont with VTel’s current 1 Gig network while we work behind the scenes on these upgrades.

• Regular “10 Gig+ Maintenance Windows” will occur which may result in slower performance or network interruptions. We recognize these windows are inconvenient; however, these periods are necessary as we physically move resources in our offices to handle these larger capacities. We will do our best to schedule these windows when traffic is expected to be low on our network and for windows that are as short as possible as to not interrupt your communications at home. Notices will be available online here: 

What does this mean for my future VTel network?

Our commitment to providing you the fastest connection in Vermont will ensure you have a future-proof connection for tomorrow’s most resource-intensive technologies on your network. While many of these technologies do not even exist today, the future is quickly approaching, and you’ll be ready with your fastest-in-the-WORLD VTel 10 Gig+ connection!

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