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Solutions for Education

A student using a tablet in her school libraryMultiple devices and concurrent downloads are increasingly common features of today’s classrooms: robust connectivity and bandwidth scalable up to 1Gbps offer a solid foundation for networking needs in education. Fiber optic Internet deployed to the premises ensures a powerful, reliable and easily-scalable future-proof connection. We focus on flexibility and offer a variety of access levels with burstable bandwidth, so you can fulfill your day-to-day targets, and keep the capacity to deliver a bandwidth increase when usage peaks. VTel is an experienced E-Rate service provider.

Service features available include:

  • Seamless video conferencing and remote classroom connections over Gigabit fiber optic Internet
  • VT-BELL: Our Vermont Broadband Enhanced Learning Link network connects your institution to educational, medical, public safety, and last-mile telecommunications entities in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York
  • GigE transport to Internet2 hub in Boston, MA
  • Secure, off-site cloud storage at VTel’s state-of-the-art Data Barn
  • Hub and spoke configurations (subject to network facility layout approval) and dedicated hub access with bursting to GigE
  • Built-in calling features and advanced facilities like four-digit dialing are a feature of VTel’s fiber optic network and can replace many outdated or legacy systems, such as Centrex
  • Hosted PBX services offer a solution to e911 requirements

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