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Internet Plans

Single User/Residential Access

ServiceMonthly RateDescription
GigE 10$400.00Get a whopping 10 Gbps of speed with our fastest Internet yet, providing seemingly endless possibilities online.
GigE Gamer*$80.15Take your gaming to the next level! Lose the lag with a gigabit-per-second fiber Internet connection, and host to your heart’s content with an included static IP. Emergency telephone access to 911 services included.
GigE Solo*$70.15

Get up to Gigabit-per-second symmetric (1,000 Mbps download, 1,000 Mbps upload) speeds over fiber. 

For only $5 more per month, you can have a phone line, too, with PlainTalk@Home!
Fiber Optic Internet$34.95Delivers speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, and includes 10 email accounts along with our centralized email spam and virus filter. Available at most homes within VTel’s service area. Requires a phone plan and a VTel-owned router rented.
Bundle up for even more value! Add Internet (up to 24 Mbps over DSL or 1,000 Mbps over Fiber) for only $34.95 when added to any existing VTel Voice plan. Restrictions apply.

Website Hosting

ServiceMonthly RateDescription
Full Hosting$15.00*Includes 20 email accounts, hosting for 10 domains, spam filtering for all of your domains all filtered under a single message center, website statistics and unlimited email aliasing.
* Website Hosting also includes a one-time, $30.00 setup fee.
DNS-Only$4.95DNS-only: This option is designed for people who want to host their own service; however want to avoid the hassle of dealing with DNS. With DNS-only we will host your domain for you without any of the additional services, such as email accounts or web space.


ServiceMonthly RateDescription
Additional Domains$4.95Add 3 more domains to your existing Full Hosting account.
Additional Email Account$1.00Add an email account to your existing access or hosting account.
Additional Spam-Filtering Message Center$1.00Want to have separate message centers for your accounts? Now you can for just $1.00 per email account!
Domain Spam-Filtering$4.95Want email going to your VTel Internet-hosted domain filtered? Add this option! Your entire domain will be filtered using a single spam message center.
MySQL Database$10.00Gain Access to our MySQL database server with 100 MegaBytes of database storage.

Woman surfing the Internet on a tabletSubject to Internet Terms of Service. View full terms here.

  • Fiber and DSL services are only available in select areas.
  • The services and prices listed on this page are current as of today, but are subject to change in the future, and do not include applicable taxes and regulatory fees.
  • All access accounts come with a 2.5TB monthly maximum allotted transfer. Additional usage billed in increments of 1GB.
  • All accounts come with a 2GB allotment for email and web page storage.

*Available only with fiber optic connections.

Vacation Services

Our flexible vacation services can save you money if you only need your line operational for part of the year.