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Network Status

12/27/2022 @ 2:15pm:

VTelevision Customers: The recent storm which caused caused a VTel equipment issue to some of our northern local channels has been fixed and all channels are now broadcasting correctly.

  • As of 1:02pm on 12/27/22 – Channel 17, WPTZ has been restored.
  • As of 1:15pm on 12/27/22 – Channels 13, WNNECWHD and 96 WCVBDT have been restored.
  • As of 1:36pm on 12/27/22 – Channels, 98, WCAX2 99, WCAX3 100, WCAX4 have been restored.
  • As of 2:15pm on 12/27/22 – Channels, 2, WETKDT, 10, WCVB2, 85 (WVNYDT3) and 89, WETDKT2 have been restored.
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