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Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated Internet Access gives you your own private pipe through which to access the Internet. Unlike Broadband Internet, which is a best-effort delivery of bandwidth, GigEnterprise Dedicated Internet Access ensures that your bandwidth is always available to you. Available from 5 Mbps to full Gigabit-per-second over our extensive and robust fiber optic network, Dedicated Internet Access can also be shared among multiple sites over fiber should you desire to combine with an Ethernet Private Line or Virtual Private Line for added value.

Ethernet Dedicated Internet

This service is covered by our two VTel Guarantees

Guarantee One: If you ever feel we could have served you better, simply tell us. We’ll credit you a free month’s service, once a year, no questions asked.

Guarantee Two: If you ever find a lower price for comparable service, simply tell us. If we can’t beat the lower price, you can cancel your service with no termination fee. We’ve never met a price we couldn’t beat.

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