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CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information)

CPNI: What is it and why is it important?


VTel, like all telecommunications providers collects Customer Proprietary Network Information, or otherwise known as, CPNI.  CPNI is information collected via  the use of our network, such as phone and voice calling services. This includes features of your voice calling service (domestic/international), usage information (like call logs: including date, time, phone numbers called, and duration of calls), and data like minutes used. 

Under federal law, you have a right, and we have a duty, to protect the confidentiality of CPNI. We’ve implemented policies and procedures to help ensure our compliance with the CPNI rules adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and we continually review our compliance. VTel has and will always protected your information and never share it with third parties, without your explicit permission, except as allowed under the FCC’s rules or other applicable law. Where applicable, based your type of account, you are the primary account holder and you may designate other authorized users to access and manage your account information. In such a case, the authorized users will also be provided access to all the CPNI associated with your account.

For your security and to be in compliance with the outlined FCC laws and regulations of CPNI, you will be required to create a CPNI password to keep on-file to access your personal CPNI data. Additionally, we will use this password to access services that are not covered by CPNI, such as names, addresses and phone numbers, as an added level of protection. 

We will need your CPNI password when you request: call details, if requested by phone. We will also request your CPNI password to change your physical mailing address, email and if changing your online access credentials. If you have lost your CPNI password, there are alternative ways to complete these requests, please contact us for assistance, we’d be happy to help!

To learn more about CPNI, we encourage you to visit the FCC’s official website


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