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Solutions for Government

Internet and Telecommunications Solutions for Government

VTel’s Vermont-centric fiber optic network connected to hubs in Boston, New York, and Montreal provides world-class connectivity throughout the state, serving agencies and offices with secure, reliable, scalable bandwidth. Dedicated connections present flexible and powerful capacities to law enforcement, state departments, and the Internet at large, while fiber optic infrastructure ensures security, integrity and speed, providing a future-proof, robust, and resilient network.

  • Seamless video conferencing over Gigabit fiber optic Internet
  • VT-BELL: Our Vermont Broadband Enhanced Learning Link network connects your institution to educational, medical, public safety, and last-mile telecommunications entities in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York
  • Secure, off-site cloud storage at VTel’s state-of-the-art Data Barn
  • Hub and spoke configurations (subject to network facility layout approval) and dedicated hub access with bursting to GigE
  • Built-in calling features and advanced facilities like four-digit dialing are a feature of VTel’s fiber optic network and can replace many outdated or legacy systems, such as Centrex
  • Hosted PBX services offer a solution to e911 requirements

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