Triple Play

Wherever fiber is available, you can bundle your phone, Internet, and television in a VTel Triple Play package and save big! Wi-Fi-enabled modem is rent-free with Triple Play.

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Triple Play
PackageFirst Year Promotional RateTelevision Channels
Basic: The Bare Essentials $79.951 35+ Channels
Broadcast and Local Channels
Select: TV Your Way $88.952 100+ Channels
Your Favorite Channels, and You Can Add Select Mini-Packs
Premiere: More Channels for Less $139.953 170+ Channels
Even More Channels, Including All Select Mini-Packs
Ultimate: The Whole Shebang $199.954 300+ Channels
Includes Every Channel We Offer!
All Triple Play Packages Include:
Gigabit internet with up to 1,000 megabits upload and download speeds, and 2 Terabytes in VTel’s Data Barn
Fully-featured high-definition telephone with unlimited calling to the US and Canada

* Rates valid for new residential customers only, plus applicable taxes and fees. Prices remain valid through at least April 30, 2016, but may be valid longer if confirmed by a VTel representative. Requires a 2-year commitment. Limitations apply; please see our Terms of Service. Cancelling service before the 2-year commitment is up subjects the subscriber to a $20/month fee for every month that would have remained in the term. HD channels require HD capable television sets. Additional Set Top Boxes $6.95/month for all packages and have full HD and DVR functionality provided that the first set-top box is HD or HD DVR. VTel GigE services over fiber are similar to most cable and wireless technologies in that they rely on home batteries during power failures; the first battery is free; backup replacement batteries are solely customer responsibility. ^1gbps is the maximum throughput, and may be limited by certain factors, such as customer firewalls or older customer equipment. ^^All VTel “unlimited” voice, Internet, data, and other services are subject to limits, which may change over time at VTel’s discretion. 1$89.95/month for months 13-24. Digital Box $9.95/month; HD Box upgrade $19.95/month; HD DVR upgrade $24.95/month. 2$109.95 for months 13-24. Price for base package only. Mini-Packs offered separately. Digital Set-Top Box included. HD Box upgrade $9.95/month. HD DVR upgrade $14.95/month. Additional boxes $6.95/month. 3$159.95 for months 13-24. HD Set-Top Box included, or can be upgraded to an HD DVR for $9.95/month. Additional Set-Top Boxes $6.95/month. 4$219.95 for months 13-24. HD DVR Included. Additional Set-Top Boxes $6.95/month. The maximum number of set-top box equipment and/or broadcasts you can utilize (or record) at one time is five. If you exceed these limits, you will experience service issues.

Subject to Internet Terms of Service. View full terms here.