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ValuPak@Home costs $6.95 per month with Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voice Mail, and ALL 16 of the most popular features in the U.S. when purchased in combination with PlainTalk@Home.

Features can also be purchased individually for $0.25 to $5.95. VTel offers the lowest prices in Vermont!


Privacy Features

1. Caller IDReview names and numbers of callers before you answer your phone.$5.95/month for name and number
2. Number BlockingBlock your number from being displayed to others. Dial *67 to block, *82 to unblock. 
3. Anonymous Call RejectionRefuse calls (dial *77) from those who have blocked their number.Feature not available outside of the ValuPak@Home
4. Selective Call RejectionDecide which calls you don’t want. Dial *60 and listen for announcement. Exclude from 1 to 30 numbers.$2.95/month if purchased separately
5. Selective Call AcceptanceList from 1 to 30 numbers you do want to hear from. Dial *68 and listen for announcement to activate.$2.95/month if purchased separately
6. Return Call to My Previous CallerDial your last caller, whether you answered the call or not. Simply dial *69.$0.25 per use, or $2.95 per month if purchased separately

Call Management Features

7. Voice Mail with Fax StorageUp to 30 messages with 30 days storage.$4.95/month if purchased separately
8. Call Forwarding, to My Cell Phone or AnywhereForward your calls to your cell phone, home, office, or any other number. Or, forward only if caller is on your list. Change forwarding instructions from anywhere.$2.95/month if purchased separately
9. Call WaitingEliminates busy signal when another caller is trying to reach you. To turn off call waiting, dial *70. $2.95/month if purchased separately
10. Priority RingingWhen a caller is on your priority list your phone rings with a different sound. Dial *61 to activate and listen to the announcement. $2.95/month if purchased separately
11. Special-Purpose RingingOne phone line with two or more ‘numbers’. Use one number for priority callers, one for a fax line, one for teenagers, and know who the call is for before you answer.$2.95/month if purchased separately

Everyday Convenience Features

12. Conference CallingTalk to friends or associates in two locations at the same time.$2.95/month if purchased separately
13. Busy Signal CallbackWhen a number is busy dial *66. We will dial for you, for 30 minutes, and when we get through your number will ring.$0.25 per use, or $2.95 per month if purchased separately
14. Speed DialInstantly dial up to 30 of your most frequently called numbers.$2.95/month if purchased separately
15. Call HoldPlace a call on hold and pick up on another line.$2.95/month if purchased separately
16. Office and Home IntercomTurn your phone into an office or home communications system.$2.95/month if purchased separately
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