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Press Release: Over 500 VTel Customers to Gather for 12th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner in Springfield, VT


Over 500 VTel Customers to Gather for 12th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner in Springfield, VT

Springfield, VT: Vermont Telephone Company (VTel) and VTel Wireless are delighted to announce that over 500 guests have registered for their 12th annual Thanksgiving dinner, to be celebrated during several seatings at Black Rock Steakhouse, in Springfield, Vermont, on November 24, 2023. 

The annual Thanksgiving feast is for any VTel or VTel Wireless customers of 65 years of age or more, with over 100 local organic turkeys especially raised for the event, with local garden vegetables, fresh-pressed apple cider, and warm pies made fresh from local apples, all at no cost. “Out Thanksgiving feast is one of the best days of the year”, said Amber Wilson, VTel’s Director of Customer Care. “We get an opportunity to personally thank customers we’ve served for decades. And I never cease to be amazed at how so many of our over-65’s keep up so actively with technology, and with our GigE internet and our wireless services”. 

While customers are invited to bring any family member to the feast, most arrive solo, or accompanied by a VTel neighbor also over 65. “Many of our guests recently lost a partner or live too far from loved ones to travel to celebrate Thanksgiving with other family members,” Ms. Wilson explained. “We place multiple guests at tables, and we love to observe the dozens of active and fast-moving conversations.”

The dinner will take place on Friday, November 24, 2023, between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm. A formal RSVP is required to attend. While 500 guests are close to our maximum, there’s often one or two seats still available. Customers may RSVP by calling 802-885-9000. 



Vermont Telephone Company and VTel Wireless: Andie Spaans,, 802-952-3028.


Vermont Telephone Company, Inc., Springfield, VT, known locally as VTel, is a small family-owned rural telephone company providing landline service to 14 Vermont villages, as well as 4G LTE and 5G wireless service to thousands of homes throughout rural parts of the state. Some southern Vermont farms and families have received continuous telephone service from VTel’s network since 1890, and VTel provided the phone line that enabled Calvin Coolidge to be sworn in as US President, at Plymouth Notch, VT, on August 3, 1923. VTel was first in Vermont to offer Internet in 1995, first in Vermont to build gigabit-per-second internet over fiber to homes in 2001, and first in America to build a 100% 4G LTE wireless network. VTel’s 1,400 mile optical fiber network from Vermont to New York, Boston, and Montreal, proudly serves some of the most distinguished universities and research institutions in the world including Dartmouth, and MIT. The company has answered over a million customer phone calls on the first ring during the past decade, and its longtime motto is World Class Technology with Down Home Service. 


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